CSL uses platforms that bring together a variety of data sources that identifies anomalies between different views of the same fibre.  Data sources include:


  • Invoices – CSL’s platform uploads documents in any format (includes PDF, TIF, .xls, .doc, .csv etc).  The best data sources are scanned images of the real invoices as this shows the actual charges applied.  These images are converted into structured which we analyse

  • Inventory – CSL compares the customer’s inventory against the catalogued invoice data;

  • Communications – apply circuit cease dates using synonym logic to find cease and any variation used (ETL, cancellation, disconnect, deprovision etc)

  • Contract – CSL uses the salient terms and price lists to determine the correct prices that should have been charged

  • Payment – There have been instances where payments have been made twice, incorrect currency, payment amount entry errors.  Comparing payment with invoices eliminates these

How We Do It


In today’s fragmented telecoms market data is often located in multiple systems and applications.  Telecommunications companies, along with financial institutions, use more business applications than most other sectors according to NTT’s Cloud Reality Check 2015.  Managing ever-changing supplier information is complicated, compounded by the number of systems used by the telecoms industry.  Supplier invoices and inventories are not always aligned with a company’s own data.  These inconsistencies may lead to inaccurate billing, revenue gaps, network overspend and short term procurement approaches.

What We Do

Optimisation Services applies unique tools and skill-sets to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of access and backbone networks, analysing installed networks and identifying opportunities to achieve savings through overcharge and financial/physical grooming.  Connectivity Solutions’ Optimisation Services are used by carriers and government departments to:


  • reclaim overcharging through its Telecom Charging Audit program;

  • reduce network access costs in the installed circuit base;

  • optimise current network topologies to cost and performance using its Optimisation Service;

  • reduce the cost of goods sold (COGS) and overheads of pricing; and

  • improve procurement of new off-net services.


Network optimisation may involve both financial and physical optimisation:


  • Services include implementing financial optimisation via contract renegotiation, appropriate tariff application, accurate rate calculations, and appropriate service selection; and

  • Helping clients implement physical optimisation such as supplier replacement, soft migration, network grooming and CDN traffic shaping

We normalise customer telecoms data such as inventory, payment reports, network moves, adds and changes and compare this to suppliers’ invoices.  The governing document is the contract or MSA.  With such an array of data, stored in different systems, we have found incorrect billing often occurs. Often labelled as Telecom Expense  Management (TEM), we go further by focusing on the contracted service, not the last quotation. 

Historic Analysis: Telecom Charging Audit

The normalised and cleansed data can be used to optimise the existing estate.  Using our optimisation tools we identify procurement, aggregation, migration and re-homing opportunities.

Future Analysis: Optimisation Service
Data Centre Analysis

We deliver an efficient process for identifying redundant cross connects as well as an optimisation approach for holistic data centre cost reduction such as aggregation, power & space analysis and physical audits.  The solution is based on using a variety of tools for data cleansing, inventory creation and management combined with the optimisation expertise based our years of telecoms optimisation and pricing experience. 


Nigel Meacham, Connectivity Solutions’ Managing Director, created Connectivity Solutions to bring a fresh approach to telecoms and cloud audit and delivery.  Nigel was one of the original founders of Magenta netLogic, a global telecoms costing business, which was acquired in 2004.  At Magenta netLogic, Nigel led company sales which saw the company earn 2 government export achievement awards.  After Magenta was acquired, Nigel was a senior manager at Global Capacity where he was responsible for the Information Systems until he left to start Connectivity Solutions.


Prior to Magenta, Nigel co-founded Salford Networking International Ltd (SNI) in 1991, a network design, costing and optimisation company, where he served as Sales Director from 1991 to 1997.  SNI was acquired by netFusion, where Nigel also served as Sales Director. 

Why Us?

  • To date, our automated approach has resulted in more than $4.5m credits, repayments and future network cost reduction for our clients

  • More than 90% of our cost reduction is from non-incumbent suppliers

  • We operate solely in the carrier space on cost assurance – never any conflict of interest with revenue assurance;

  • Long history of working with carrier costing departments giving a unique insight;

  • Optimisation manages the telecoms and procurement strategy for an organisation rather than just a data analysis;

  • Focus on accuracy, not disputes


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Connectivity Solutions’ mission is to optimise an organisation’s telecom assets by reducing cost, improving procurement and managing data.

Using automated platforms, Connectivity Solutions  accurately costs and optimises all elements relating to telecoms and cloud delivery.  This provides a baseline to reduce costs and solve inefficiencies relating to service procurement.


Connectivity Solutions interrogates data enabling customers to make better informed decisions regarding future network selection, procurement and migration.